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Frequently Asked Questions

What is marketing measurement?

In the broadest of definitions, marketing measurement is the method by which we use consumer behavior data to help clients plan and optimize for future ad spends. This data is accumulated via a suite.

What is marketing attribution?

Marketing attribution is the search for and identification of user processes that lead to website sales. It is the analysis of a series of actions, known as user touchpoints, that lead to one of any number of desired business outcomes.

What is a Marketing Mix Model?

Market Mix Modeling (MMM) helps marketers and business leads understand the total impact of all marketing channels on incremental sales. Unlike other methods, it can understand the contribution of online as well as offline media channels. Additionally, MMM recognizes external influences like pricing, distribution, inventory, and other market factors. Market Mix Modeling has been trusted for decades and is used by the largest global brands today. 

What Is Multi-Touch Attribution?

Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) is a deterministic measurement solution that tracks individual consumer behaviors to understand how each ad exposure drives a consumer to a sale. To be successful, MTA must connect each media impression to a single consumer, track that consumer across multiple devices, and then connect those activities to a sale. This bottom-up technique works best for simple conversion funnels that primarily rely on digital media.

What is the Difference Between Market Mix Modeling and Multi-Touch Attribution?

Both Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) and Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) are techniques to understand the impact of various media drivers. MMM leverages probabilistic models to solve cross-channel media impact through statistical modeling. Modeling can incorporate any media type, business impact, and external market factors because it does not rely on any PII, pixel, or cookie level data. 

MTA deterministically measures each consumer path to conversion and then aggregates to expose trends. This requires sophisticated tracking techniques and is typically limited to digital media and sales. Unfortunately, because of legal and technical tracking limitations, MTA has become more difficult and costly to manage. Both MMM and MTA are great approaches to understanding a business and can be used in tandem for a more complete picture. 

Can the Leavened Solution be Managed In-House?

The Leavened MMM solution was created for marketers and brand leads to measure their businesses. Unlike other MMM tools that rely on costly consultants and iterative tinkering, this all-in-one SaaS platform has the intuitive power needed to manage complex business conversion with the push of a button. Any team can be trained and run their analysis in days - and even hours!

Can Non-Technical People Manage the Platform?

Yes — and we’ll teach you how to do it, too. Leavened’s modeling tools were designed to be user-friendly, simple to learn, and quickly deliver insight. While under the hood there are complex algorithms and AI learning that drives the Leavened Iterative Hypothesis Testing Engine (LIHTE), users won’t need to worry about that technical stuff. Instead, they’ll learn all they need to know to run the modeling software regardless of experience level.

How does Leavened work so quickly? How soon can we see results?

Leavened’s models are powered by the Leavened Iterative Hypothesis Testing Engine (LIHTE). It enables swift testing of variable marketing hypotheses. Depending on how many models are being run, users can see results in just a few hours. Compare that with other (more expensive) platforms that can take weeks or even months to deliver results.

Do You Provide Hands-On Service?

Yes, our service is as hands-on as you want it to be. We can teach your team how to use the solution, help you build a team to run in-house analysis, or provide a fully managed service where we do everything for you.

Leavened’s approach to marketing mixed modeling (MMM) is empowered and enabled by a fast, powerful, and comprehensive platform. Our hands-on service is designed to provide you and your team with everything you need to get the answers you deserve. We’ll be here to support you every step of the way.

Do You Offer a White-Label Solution?

Yes, we offer a white-label solution. Leavened’s advanced analytics platform can easily be branded as your own. This helps increase your offering of services to include advanced solutions for advertising accountability. This, in turn, can work to reinforce your intrinsic value to clients.