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Can the Leavened Solution be Managed In-House?

Marketing agencies may wonder if their organization will be able to manage Leavened’s automated advanced analytics platform in-house? Absolutely!

Leavened can help grow agency revenue in just 30 days. Our advanced analytics platform can perform millions of marketing models in just a few hours — all at a fraction of the cost of other platforms that are slower and less user-friendly.

Agencies can harness Leavened’s power and act on its insights with the team they have right now. Its advanced analytics are designed to be accessible, approachable, and, most importantly, learnable.

How do internal teams learn the solution?

We will train your agency staff on how to set up and perform marketing models and then analyze the results. Each successive model informs the process overall for the user, leading to deeper insights and a familiarity and comfort with the platform itself.

Note: Modeling as we’re using it here is synonymous with regression modeling. This approach has been around for a couple of centuries, but only now can these models be run at the speed, depth, and breadth that’s required of the digital marketing age.

Without Leavened, agencies would find themselves out of the loop, since most regression models are too expensive to produce and require specific technical knowledge.

With Leavened, that world is now opened for you and your staff to share in its knowledge, hone modeling skills to a razor-sharp edge, and watch as revenue grows with insights gained in real-time.

What if a team has no experience in statistics or modeling?

Leavened has developed initiative UI so any analyst, media planner, or brand manager can learn to create models within hours. We hired the PHDs, so you don’t have to. Just upload the data, click a few buttons and the sophisticated Iterative Hypothesis Testing (IHT) Engine does all the hard work for you.

Advanced analytics relies on models that analyze advertising impressions and media spend to pinpoint statistically significant evidence of media that drives KPI — for example, sales and leads. Modeling identifies relationships between advertising and business results, lighting the way to more successful future ad spending.

It’s worth repeating: Leavened performs millions of models in just a few hours. This is much faster than legacy services that inevitably require specialized skills and knowledge to run — and which can take several months to produce.

It’s also worth repeating that Leavened’s platform is much less expensive than other firms. It’s not unusual for agencies to pay upwards of a quarter of a million dollars for a mixed-media modeling output.

Leavened’s advanced analytics platforms deliver data at light speed for a fraction of the cost of its competitors — which it outshines at every keystroke. Best of all: The most complex aspects are fully automated.

So yes — your organization can manage Leavened. It will instantly become the most powerful tool in your digital marketing arsenal. And we’ll be here to support you as you learn how to harness and target this powerful platform.

No annual subscriptions. Pay as you go. Reap the rewards.