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Solutions: What We Do

Drive Incrementality at Scale Through Managed and Self-Service Tools.

The Leavened Product Suite

Leverages the groundbreaking Iterative Hypothesis Testing MMM framework to deliver fast, economical, and business-changing insights.


Audit & Assessment Regular media & market audit to capture incremental drivers.


Market Forecaster Annual planning tool to that leverages audit learnings.


Placement Boost Ongoing placement level insights for weekly optimization.

Learn: Media Audit & Assessment

How are your media and marketing efforts impacting sales? Is your media oversaturating audiences or should you invest more? Understand incrementality and optimal spend levels by channel. With Iterative Hypothesis Testing, take the guesswork and bias out, and start growing business today.

Cross-Channel Analysis

Unlike other cookie-based solutions, MA&A combines online and offline channels into one comprehensive analysis down to the placement level.


Consumers and industry alike have spoken, personal data should remain personal. MA&A only leverages media impressions and costs data, never consumer PII.

Uncover Incrementality

Plenty of media drives consumers to purchase a product but which media is best to drives new sales for you? Get beyond last touch and understand true media impact.

Plan: Market Forecaster

Leverage the learning from Audit & Assessment to plan better. Optimize to the largest incremental sales and make every dollar count. With the Scenario Planner, you can test out multiple media plans against each other, or leverage our Plan Optimizer to achieve the largest marginal ROI with just the click of a button.

KPI Forecasting

Input any media plan to project and benchmark critical business metrics based on historical results.

Scenario Planner

Leverage recommended optimal media investment ranges to compare different media spends by channel and uncover the cost for incrementality.

Auto Optimization

If you put one more dollar into media, where would it go? With Market Forecast, generate media plans designed to amplify incrementality and marginal ROI.

Optimize: Placement Boost

Get beyond strategic recommendations with tactical improvements and Placement Boost. These real-time, placement level insights make recommendations on the individual placement and daypart of in-market digital, audio, linear, and OTT media. Our AdImpact technology leverages MMM learning to get into the details.

Total Campaign Impact

Understand how all placements work together to drive the business KPIs under a specific online or offline channel.

Placement Level Insight

Move beyond general channel recommendations to unlock the impact of individual placement and daypart.

Continuous Feedback

Media should never be set it and forget it. Get continuous insight into what channels, placements, and dayparts are driving the most incremental sales.

Self-Service Solution

Leverages the groundbreaking Iterative Hypothesis Testing MMM framework to deliver fast, economical, and business-changing insights.

Unlike most MMM solutions, Leavened does not operate any black boxes and has made our entire product library available via a cloud-based SaaS solution. Brands, agencies, and analysts alike can access any of our solutions to best serve their clients and campaigns. Access a library of knowledge and decades of experience with our one-on-one training to ensure you get the most from the Leavened platform.

Services Tailored to You

Leavened also offers fully managed and partially managed models for those that wish to outsource their measurement solution entirely.

The innovation of Iterative Hypothesis Testing allows Leavened to offer viable MMM solutions at a fraction of the cost. Brand, agencies, and analysts can receive further cost savings through bundling or leveraging our self-managed options. Reach out to our team for a free trial and a pricing structure that best fits your needs.

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