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Can Non-Technical People Manage the Platform?

Non-technical professionals can learn how to run Leavened’s modeling tools within a single session. Many of the brightest media planners and brand leads have all the insight into media and business but need a way to easily run models. That’s where we come in.

Leavened’s approach to Marketing Mixed Modeling (MMM) is based on addressing three of the biggest and most common frustrations with measurement and optimization tools: traditional MMMs are slow, black boxes, that are incredibly expensive.

First, we made it fast. Many platforms require weeks or even months to complete their reporting — most of which is time wasted back and forth between the modeling consultants and the people that actually know the business.

This leads us directly to the second frustration that our platform addresses: transparency — or the lack thereof. Leavened’s tools are available to you to run on your own time and the results are for you to see. We’ve eliminated the middleman (as well as the cookies; Leavened is a cookie-less reporting and data analysis tool). You are given access to every step of the process and can download reports that show our work. We keep nothing from you.

The third frustration that we worked to alleviate: cost. Because Leavened was built by marketers, we were sensitive to and keenly aware of the high costs typically associated with these powerful technologies. Leavened provides its tools and training for about one-fifth of the cost of a typical analysis platform. And keep in mind that those more-expensive options don’t provide the same results and don’t train you to run the models. Leavened believes that money should be spent on media, not measuring it.

Thus, with Leavened, non-technical people will be able to manage a platform that’s blazing fast, simple, intuitive, transparent, and affordable to firms of just about any size and budget.

This is real-time, in-market optimization that anybody can use. Leavened can perform millions of models in just a few hours. Users will be able to pinpoint in real-time where and when to spend ad dollars; where marketing spend has plateaued; where messaging is over-frequenced; and so much more.

What data will help move your business and your clients’ businesses forward? Leavened will tell you.