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What is marketing attribution?

Marketing attribution is the search for and identification of user processes that lead to website sales. It is the analysis of a series of actions, known as user touchpoints, that lead to one of any number of desired business outcomes.

Values are assigned to each touchpoint — one reason why marketing attribution is often called multi-touch attribution. These values help marketers understand which combinations of touchpoints are most likely to lead to conversions.

Leavened’s approach to marketing measurement is to quantify incremental lift in revenue over time for both online and offline marketing tactics, as well as, promotional, market, and economic factors without using cookie level or PII data. Our solutions reveal the holistic impact of marketing tactics and how to optimize your investment to maximize ROI in ways that multi-touch attribution and last touch (or cookie-based) attribution simply can’t match.

The Leavened Advantage

Marketing attribution helps determine how advertising impressions influence a consumer’s decision to convert. The resulting data is used in analyses of past campaign performance and provides a roadmap that informs ad campaigns moving forward.

The explosion in popularity and availability of digital devices within the last decade or two meant that marketers needed a more reliable method of analyzing the efficacy of advertising spends. This in turn required a more refined approach to analyzing the data generated by all those digital devices and their users interacting by clicking or viewing ads. But with increased privacy laws, cookies and PII data is has become limited and has hamstrung the ability to measure the impact of media on sales using this methodology.

Enter Leavened. Our proprietary data analysis technology, which we teach clients how to use, can also account for promotions, non-paid media, distribution, competitive data, and other variables.

It quantifies an individual media vehicle’s incremental impact on sales.

It reveals how media vehicles interact with each other.

And it generates insights into why a given media effort is experiencing diminishing returns.

With consistent technological advances aligned with the insights provided by Leavened’s team of marketing and data experts, clients gain more insights faster than ever before. Agencies and Brands can make informed, timely, in-market adjustments and optimizations.

In short, our Marketing Mix Modeling is the most efficient, affordable, and transparent optimization tool there is. Leavened helps clients increase ROI by putting the power of data science and marketing analysis into the palms of their hands.

Measurement in a Cookie-less World. Leavened.