Marketing Mix Model

Marketing Mix Model identifies how each marketing tactic is contributing to your KPIs, and takes the mystery out of where to put your marketing dollars.

Faster, Cost-Effective Marketing Optimization

Marketing Mix Model (MMM) is the most efficient, affordable marketing attribution and optimization tool available.

MMM is built on the Leavened Iterative Hypothesis Testing Engine (LIHTE), which enables fast, objective, exhaustive testing of marketing hypotheses. You’ll get insights to inform strategic planning at the media vehicle level and answers to your most important questions:

  • How is each marketing tactic contributing to total leads and overall revenue?
  • How are marketing tactics working with each other (e.g., TV and paid search)?
  • Are your marketing efforts optimized to the best investment levels for each type of media?

Results You Can Trust

We want our clients to have complete confidence in our methodology, results, and recommendations, so we’re committed to both full transparency into our platform and how each tool works.

MMM applies tried-and-true industry techniques for analyzing the mid-to long-term impacts of advertising on sales so you can optimize spend by tactic. And unlike multi-touch attribution solutions, it can show you the impact of online and offline marketing tactics as well as account for promotions, competitive data, economic indicators, and more.

MMM reports include:

  • Performance: Illustrates how your marketing spend is contributing to KPIs and how each media vehicle has performed over time
  • Saturation/Diminishing Return: Identifies optimal spend levels per media vehicle and detects investments that are no longer optimal
  • Flight Efficiency: Provides deeper insights by applying the Saturation Analysis data to historical media fighting
  • Scenario Planning: Uses analytical insights to show how different strategic shifts in the media allocation will likely impact KPIs