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What is marketing measurement?

Leavened is a marketing measurement and optimization company. What is marketing measurement and how is it generated?

In the broadest of definitions, marketing measurement is the method by which we use consumer behavior data to help clients plan and optimize for future ad spends. This data is accumulated via a suite of powerful tools called Marketing Mix Model.

As a marketing measurement technology company, Leavened’s work is informed by data scientists who know marketing and marketing experts who know data. But our clients don’t need to be PhDs to understand the tools and to know how to use them. That’s because we’ve democratized advanced analytics with tools that are easy to use and understand for marketers.

Power, Speed, Results

These tools are designed to be user-friendly. With Leavened as both a training partner and continuing strategic resource, brands and agencies can learn to run marketing mix models — and to get results in just a few hours at a fraction of the cost of similar but less robust systems.

Thus, our marketing measurement tools directly address two of the biggest frustrations that typically go along with the measurement and optimization process: the time it takes to run models and the high costs typically associated with them.

Leavened harnesses the power of non-cookie-based analytics – media mix modeling. This enables brands and agencies to plan and optimize at a faster speed, low cost and with full transparency.

Leavened’s proprietary suite of marketing analytics tools allows for optimization of media mix, ad placement, creative messaging and ad formats. These tools have helped brands as diverse as Chewy.com, Consumer Cellular, and Peloton.

When deployed by brands and agencies empowered with our tools engineered at Leavened, the insights help maximize client ROI.