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Do You Provide Hands-On Service?

Leavened’s approach to marketing mixed modeling (MMM) is empowered and enabled by a fast, powerful, and comprehensive platform. Our hands-on service is designed to provide you and your team with everything you need – at whatever level you need.

What if we want to run the solution internally?

We’ll be here to support you from start to finish — when we hand it over to you. Our hands-on service is what differentiates Leavened from other platforms that attempt to provide the same levels of data service and support.

Perhaps best of all, even those who consider themselves “non-technical” will be able to manage the platform. It’s blazing fast, yes. Absolutely powerful. But it’s also simple to use, intuitive, and transparent.

What if we aren’t staffed to run the solution?

Not a problem! Our team can help you design and staff and internal team to run the solution and provide the analysis for you while we get everything up and running. This is particularly useful for media agencies and consultancies that know their client’s business and are expanding their analytics practice. Leverage our decades of experience to help develop a new in-house capability!

What if I just want someone else to do it?

Then our team of experienced analysts can run the analysis for you! We have decades of MMM experience within our organization and we would be happy to conduct an analysis at any level of detail. This does have additional costs compared to the self-service but might be best for brands that are interested in an unbiased media audit without having to build an in-house solution.

Your team would still need to provide the required data, but our analysts are here to work with you to make sure you collect everything properly.

What is best?

Whatever is best for you! Our team is here to help you identify which level of service is right for you.

Regardless of the level of service you need, the Leavened platform runs swiftly, smoothly, and efficiently. It enables swift testing of variable marketing hypotheses. When we say we’re hands-on, what we mean is that we’ll show you how to get results. We’ll teach you how to run the models, interpret the data, and present it to your clients.

And with the Leavened Iterative Hypothesis Testing Engine (LIHTE), those results are more robust and arrive faster than those of our more expensive competitors.

Truth is that those slower, less powerful, costlier platforms can take weeks or months to deliver results. On the other hand, Leavened can run millions of models and deliver results in just a few hours.

What’s more, the Leavened advanced analytics platform can be branded as your own, increasing your ability to make your clients aware of your services and capabilities.

Our hands-on service provides the training and skills necessary to harness the lightning-quick speed and incredible power of our platform.

Run the models. Review the results. Help your clients make decisions — and optimize — based on real-world, real-time data harvesting. And let Leavened be your guide.