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How does Leavened work so quickly? How soon can we see results?

Once you’ve seen the LIHTE …

Well, you don’t see it; what you see is the results. And, yes, they arrive quickly.

How quickly depends on a couple of factors.

And the how itself — as in how does this work? It’s all about that LIHTE: the Leavened Iterative Hypothesis Testing Engine. It’s what makes it all happen. And while you won’t see the coding magic that makes our proprietary software function better than its competitors, you will see results — and you’ll see them fast! Leavened leverages dynamic node optimization to actively scale up and down the computing power required to run your models. This means blazing-fast analysis at an optimized cost.

Leavened’s Marketing Mixed Modeling (MMM) is powered by the LIHTE. It enables users to perform swift models that thoroughly and rigorously test variable marketing hypotheses. Instead of a lot of back and forth, we just use computing power to run the models. ALL the models. This contrasts with other solutions that rely on consultants to build each model from scratch and then go back-and-forth with clients on which is best to use.

Depending on how many models are being run and how much data/variables in that data one would like to see, reports and results arrive in as little as a few hours.

We’ll teach users how to run the platform. And in no time at all, they’ll be able to perform millions of models in just a few hours.

Other platforms are much slower to produce results — sometimes several weeks slower.

So Leavened is just faster?

Leavened it’s so much more than just faster.

In addition to its great speed and usability, the platform and its processes remain transparent. Plus, it costs much less than similar analyses that are generated over weeks or months as opposed to hours.

Thus, if you and your clients are looking for faster, more cost-effective solutions for marketing mix models (MMM), then Leavened has the tools you’ll need to thrive.

Let us teach you how to use this powerful platform to generate actionable data at lightning speeds. Before you know it, you’ll have insights and data that move your marketing efforts forward, with each iteration informing the next until you and your team are operating at peak efficiency and accuracy.