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Habib Gorgi

Managing Director, Nautic Partners

Headshot of Managing Director (Nautic Partners) Habib Gorgi

Mr. Habib Y. Gorgi serves as Managing Director at Nautic Partners, LLC. He focuses on business services and manufacturing industries. Prior to joining the firm in 2000, Mr. Gorgi was the President at Fleet Equity Partners, the predecessor firm of Nautic Partners, LLC, from 1986 to 2000. Before that he worked for BankAmerica and Fleet Bank. He has been a Director of FTD.Com Inc. since May 1999. Mr. Gorgi also serves as a Director of IOS BRANDS, Ariba, Inc, and several privately-held companies.

He has been responsible for Nautic Partners, LLC investment and currently serves as a Director of Simonds Industries Inc. since 1995 and was a Director of FTD Inc. since January 1997. Mr. Gorgi is the Chairman of MACTEC, Inc.