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Jane Crisan

CEO, Advisory Board

Coming from a background that includes marketing services, advertising, software develop and analytics, Jane provides organization leadership and strategic oversight of innovations at Leavened.

Jane draws on over 30 years of experience in digital marketing, direct marketing and traditional advertising, having held executive management positions at Garage Team Mazda, T3, Wunderman-Team Detroit/JWT, Carlson Marketing Group and Organic. Her knowledge of performance and brand marketing campaigns, marketing data and software development gives her a unique perspective, allowing her to see gaps and opportunities in client data, measurement, and planning.

Jane earned her MBA in Marketing and holds a B.S. in Decision Science and Marketing from the University of Oregon. Her career has taken her from Oregon to New York City to Detroit to Southern California and now Portland. Jane is grateful to have partnered with many great brands during her career that include Mazda, Ford, Chase, Sprite, Wayfair, 23andMe and Dodge.