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Leavened Announces New ConfigAI Feature

Leading marketing measurement technology company introduces a cutting-edge AI-based addition to their software

PORTLAND, Ore., September 20, 2022 — Leavened, a leading marketing measurement technology company, is proud to introduce a new feature within its MMM (marketing mix model) platform that accelerates Leavened’s already rapid insight analytics — ConfigAI.

This newest addition to Leavened’s offering epitomizes the company’s promise of bringing speed to insight and ease of use to measurement – two factors that are noticeably absent in the market.

“The development of ConfigAI is an innovative step in marketing measurement evolution,” said Leavened’s president Adam Rodgers. “With this feature, a lot of the guesswork and bias is eliminated from MMM analysis, which not only makes the process much faster, but also more user-friendly.”

ConfigAI eliminates the need for marketers to select variables such as advertising decay rates and saturation before running model trials, and will deliver custom, unbiased recommendations for each client. Paired with user and the Leavened team’s expertise, these data-driven recommendations shorten the lead time to actionable insight by days, if not weeks.

Leavened built the feature leveraging narrow AI, a form of artificial intelligence in which a learning algorithm is designed to perform a single task. This is designed to provide focused insights quickly, but with transparency, enabling marketers to both measure marketing performance and also be able to understand and explain the process to marketing teams.

“ConfigAI’s recommended sampled algorithm runs millions of models, features the top performing models and then recommends model configurations for full model testing,” said Rodgers. “It will change the future of marketing because it cuts out the busy work and delivers specificity and speed. These efforts also reduce overall costs to our clients, which is especially important in the current environment particularly with high-growth potential DTC brands.”

ConfigAI strengthens Leavened’s powerful MMM platform that democratizes modeling and allows for more analysts, agencies, and marketers to have direct access to measurement within days, not months; to facilitate intelligent campaign optimization and strategic planning at the media vehicle level.

About Leavened

Leavened is a marketing measurement technology company powered by data scientists who know marketing and marketing experts who know analytics. Leavened’s platform helps increase marketing ROI by enabling the planning, measurement, and optimization of media based on consumer behavior. We address the three biggest frustrations in the measurement and optimization process: the time it takes, the amount it costs, and the lack of transparency. Built by marketers that know analytics and data scientists that know marketing, our non-cookie technology tools enable real-time, in-market optimizations.


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