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What Is Media Strategy? And How Can Leavened Help Build One?

Leavened is a marketing measurement technology company. We build tools that allow our clients to make informed decisions about their media strategies. But what is a media strategy? And how can clients use the powerful tools that we place at their disposal to make better choices about their media spends?

First and foremost, Leavened helps clients understand that the decisions and choices they’ve made in the past are additional data points that can help inform future strategies. Far too many advertisers go with their gut when they should go with the glut — which is just a catchy way of saying that our data analysis tools pump out impressive amounts of data that’s not only robust but actionable.

What is media strategy? Simply put, it’s a series of choices and decisions that lead to the use of a certain type of media to reach marketing goals. The type of media and the marketing goals are developed in-house per agency, depending on client goals and the desired actions of the consumer.

The marketing and advertising strategy that ensues takes those elements and implements them into a media campaign. That campaign is further informed by recommendations built out using the data provided by Leavened’s powerful suite of marketing analysis tools.

We’ve seen many good agencies and companies spend huge amounts of money — representing a significant portion of their marketing budget — just to get to the targeting phase of their media strategy. This is before the marketing strategy, decisions on the forms of media to target, and more have been ironed out.

Leavened provides that info at the outset, so the advertiser already knows where, when, and with whom to target their products and/or services.

In other words, Leavened clears the roadblocks and allows the client to get a fast start right out of the gate regarding ad spends, whether that’s with traditional media, email marketing, content marketing, online advertising, social media platforms, digital advertising, and more.

This frees up time and money for further experimentation on media plans. It also frees up the clients themselves, who can now focus their attention and budget on the media channels themselves rather than on a specific target audience.

Advertisers building out media strategies save time and money with Leavened. The platforms also allow for universal testing solutions across all media, rather than a piecemeal approach that requires a knotty bunch of testing solutions that are media-specific.

Discover what’s engaging your customers with Leavened. Improve that ROI. Optimize and scale your efforts. Enter a cookieless world. Improve conversion rates with effective media and digital marketing and advertising campaigns. Build an audience with a social media strategy or with traditional media, including TV and radio. This is your call to action.

See near-real-time feedback on your advertising spends and review daily reports broken down by stations, dayparts, creative, formats, and more.

What is media strategy? Better to ask: What is my perfect media strategy? Whether you’re a huge multinational company or a small business, the answer to this question is of paramount importance.

Leavened can help reveal it for you. Learn more about our Marketing Mix Modeling tools today!