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How To Build An Attribution Model

Knowing how to build an attribution model — or at least knowing how to run attribution models — is critical to increasing revenue and ROI.

Marketing Analytics Strategy: A Hierarchy of Measurement

How does one go about crafting a marketing analytics strategy? Typically, we find that this approach fits the data and its analysis snugly into a hierarchy of measurement; it’s the kind of approach that leads from data to insights.

How To Do Marketing Mix Modeling

Want to know how to do marketing mix modeling (MMM)? This is a critical step for businesses to understand the impact of marketing channels on incremental sales.

TV Needs a Channel-Agnostic Measurement Strategy

Instead of finding different ways to measure modern TV buys, marketers should look to a single solution that can accurately measure cross-channel media impacts.

What Is Attribution In Digital Marketing?

Attribution in digital marketing is, in many ways, the backbone of how agencies and marketers search for and identify user behavior - particularly within digital marketing. It connects a media exposure to sales in two common approaches: first/last touch and multitouch attribution.

How To Measure TV Advertising ROI

Leavened has a unique approach to not only understand TV contribution to overall sales, but to also drill down into the tactical placements, dayparts, and channels. Optimize your TV ROI using some simple principles.