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What Are Advertising Analytics?

What are advertising analytics? Advertising analytics are a wide-ranging and scalable process of advertising and marketing data analysis that helps marketers determine the best course of action for future ad spend.

Leavened Announces New ConfigAI Feature

Leavened is proud to introduce a new feature within its MMM (marketing mix model) platform that accelerates Leavened’s already rapid insight analytics — ConfigAI.

How To Determine Which Attribution Model To Use

How do you know if your media is working? We break down several common marketing attribution models and how they can be applied to you or your clients’ business.

Marketing Analytics Techniques: Real-Time Data, Swift Results

A more precise and robust approach to advanced marketing analytics techniques utilizes marketing mix modeling (MMM). This approach relies on the identification of evidence that is both statistically significant and points to instances when media drove an incremental lift to sales, leads, or other KPIs.