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How To Determine Which Attribution Model To Use

How do you know if your media is working? We break down several common marketing attribution models and how they can be applied to you or your clients’ business.

Marketing Analytics Techniques: Real-Time Data, Swift Results

A more precise and robust approach to advanced marketing analytics techniques utilizes marketing mix modeling (MMM). This approach relies on the identification of evidence that is both statistically significant and points to instances when media drove an incremental lift to sales, leads, or other KPIs.

How To Build An Attribution Model

Knowing how to build an attribution model — or at least knowing how to run attribution models — is critical to increasing revenue and ROI.

Marketing Analytics Strategy: A Hierarchy of Measurement

How does one go about crafting a marketing analytics strategy? Typically, we find that this approach fits the data and its analysis snugly into a hierarchy of measurement; it’s the kind of approach that leads from data to insights.

How To Do Marketing Mix Modeling

Want to know how to do marketing mix modeling (MMM)? This is a critical step for businesses to understand the impact of marketing channels on incremental sales.